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                         HERE ARE SOME GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW
 ¨ You have to be a current member in order to register any horses. Do this early in the year so you don’t miss out on an issue of our magazine. All memberships expire Dec. 31st of every year. All forms can be found on our website at www. or we will be happy to email, fax or mail you what you need.
¨ Fill out the ENTIRE New Mexico Bred application front and back. If you don’t know the answer to a question, PLEASE FIND OUT. IF THE APPLICATION IS INCOMPLETE IT WILL BE SENT BACK TO YOU TO FINSIH BEFORE WE CAN REGISTER AND STAMP YOUR HORSE PAPERS.
¨ Pay the correct fee. All horses age on January 1st and the fees go up as they age. The weanling fee is $60.00, yearling fee is $150.00, two year olds are $1,000.00 and three year olds and up are $2,000.00.
¨Know who the sire and dam are and have the correct spell- ing of their names.
¨ Was the semen transported? If so it needs to state that on both the horse’s papers and our application. On the back of the New Mexico Bred application we ask if the semen was transported and if so, where was it sent to. Please fill in this information if applicable.
¨ Please use an Embryo Transfer application (form 100A) if the horse is an Embryo Transfer. Both the Donor Mare and the Recipient Mare have to be registered with us. We need to know who both mares are and where they were kept during the pregnancy.
¨If the Broodmare (Donor or Recipient) leaves the state to board elsewhere, there are special forms that need to be completed and there is a fee of $500.00 due by October 1st. Remember, they have to be bred in New Mexico and come back to New Mexico to foal.
¨ Don’t wait to have papers on the horse to start the registra- tion with us. You can fill out the application as unnamed and pay the fee before the horse ages and the fee goes up.
¨ Don’t forget to send us the papers when you get them to stamp New Mexico Bred. The horse is not a New Mexico Bred until this has been completed.
¨ When registering a Broodmare we need a copy of her pa- pers. For recipient mares that have never been papered, we need four photos (front, back, left and right sides). The fee is $100.00 and New Mexico Bred racehorse fillies need to be re-registered as broodmares if being bred.
¨ When registering a Stallion we need a copy of his papers. Make sure you have the official negative EVA test results from a laboratory and an EVA Certificate filled out by your veterinarian when registering a Stallion. He cannot be registered without these items. The fee is $400.00 and New Mexico Bred racehorse colts need to be re-registered as stal- lions if being bred.
If you have questions, please call our office at (505) 262-0224
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