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                                      SI-96, $2,014,703 2019 Fee: $9,500 - Cooled Semen Available (Good Reason SA - Jess Send Candy by Mr Jess Perry) Property of PV Quarter Horse Farms LLC
          Hip #388 Unnamed 3-18-2018 s. f.
(Jess Good Candy - This Candys Salty by PYC Paint Your Wagon)
Hip #50 TAKINCANDYFROMABABY 2-11-18, s. c.
(Jess Good Candy - Rieda Hay Worth by Corona Cartel)
Hip #60 JESS A CANDY LEGACY 1-15-18, s. c.
(Jess Good Candy - Desert Passage by Separatist)
Hip #82 CRUZIN JESSE 4-06-18, br. f.
(Jess Good Candy - Cruzin The Wagon by PYC Paint Your Wagon)
Hip #189
1-25-18, b. c.
Hip #277 SWEET CANDY SASHAY 4-14-18, s. f.
(Jess Good Candy - Sashay Hot by Walk Thru Fire)
Hip #290 MISS GOOD CANDY 3-05-18, s. f.
(Jess Good Candy - Miss Racy First Down by First Down Dash)
Hip #319 JESS GOOD ADVICE 3-20-18, gr. c.
(Jess Good Candy - Hermes For Me B by Separatist)
Hip #335 LETHAL CANDY 3-10-18, b. f.
(Jess Good Candy - Lethal Delight by Dean Miracle)
Hip #374 THISCANDYCANSTREAK 3-28-18, s. c.
(Jess Good Candy - Streak N Attitude by Streakin La Jolla)
                      (Jess Good Candy - She Travels by Fishers Dash)
Hip #261 SASSY HARMONY 2-17-18, s. f.
(Jess Good Candy - Sassy Corona by Corona Cartel)
Hip #18
HEZA VISUAL CANDY 4-20-18, s. c.
(Jess Good Candy - Visual Magic by Corona Cartel)
            Speedhorse Races, Black Gold, OQHRA, Oklahoma-Bred.
         Inquiriesto:ButchWise/MattWitman-9601LazyEDr..,,Guthrie,,OK73044-405/ 18 SPEEDHORSE, August 2019

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