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 Take 10 Studio
Take 10 is our basic session - 10 minutes in the studio - $39
• View at least 10 images online created in 10 minutes
• YOU select your yearbook pose, based on school requirements
• Head and shoulders & 3/4 poses
• One additional background
• One outfit
• Prices for Packages start at $195, while individual prints start at $59. see p.11.
On Campus Options
For some schools, located a bit further from the studio, we'll be offering some designated dates
in late summer and early fall for reserved Take 10 and Take 2 sessions on campus. Check your school listing on our website to see if your school has on campus dates.
Yearbook Only
Take 2
You just want to be in the yearbook, but want to choose - $15
• Select your yearbook pose from up to 3-4 images created in 2 minutes • Head and shoulders from one outfit
• View and order from your personal online gallery.
Yearbook Only On campus - No charge
• You just want to be in the yearbook, and nothing else! Image selection not available. • On one designated day in the fall, this will be your last & only opportunity
• Head and shoulders from one outfit. Some schools require tux & drape.
To reserve online and see additional samples and

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