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The Ballyshaners, Inc. The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee
Mike Pablo, Chairman
Kim Moore, Vice Chairman Joe Kensil, Secretary
Tim Collins, Treasurer
Pat Troy, Chairman Emeritus
Committee Heads
Gene Bransfield, Post-parade Luncheon
Joan Baker and Dorothy Martinez, Fun Dog Show Kimberlee Bryce, Parade Magazine
John Bryk, Parade Captain
Tom Connors, Car Show
Trisha Crager, Public Relations & Social Media Craig Mehall, Legal Counsel
Patty Theobald, Parade Magazine Advertising Kim Moore, Lead Marshal
Mike Pablo, Webmaster
Tasha Pablo, Grand Marshal Dinner & Parade
Danny Sheehan, Awards Harold Sinnett, Quartermaster
John Boseker
Tina Collins
Ben Fiore-Walker Patrick Garrity
Greg Granahan Kimberley Granahan Maggie Hayes
J. J. Kelly Kirstin Knott Kaitlyn Likas Pam McGinty Pat Sims
For more information on The Ballyshaners, visit and look for us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Preserving and Promoting Irish Heritage

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