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  managed to not lose anyone along the way. Touring the cave has to be on your bucket list. Next on our bucket list was the swinging bridge in Gatlinburg. When the big fires tried to burn down the mountain a few years back, The Smokies came back strong. The new skylift and the bridge were a nice part of our trip and the glass bottom in the middle of the bridge was fun to see. Some people held on for dear life and some went hand to hand with their eyes closed just to make it across the bridge and back! We went go cart racing, championship putt putting, we got to see an amazing herd of elk, we toured the Smoky Mountain Knife Works (a must see stop in the smokies ), a tour of Cherokee and ate at some fantastic places. We had dinner Paula Deens on the island and had the best fried okra ever. And I did get the recipe. We had breakfast at the Apple Barn and seeing and smelling all the apples on the trees was amazing. We had dinner at the Huck Finn’s Restaurant and the fish and fried chicken were fantastic. Breakfast at the Old Mill was as good as ever and we finished our last night with a fine steak dinner at the Peddler Restaurant. Janet and I ate at the Peddler 28 years ago on our hon- eymoon and the food was as good as we remembered. They had a rasberry chipotle dipping sauce that was out of this world and yes I got that recipe also. The "Peddler"comes by your table and lets you pick your cut of Ribeye or New York Strip and cuts it right at your table. For all you steak cookers out there this is a real treat. The judges would like to eat here because the steaks have good flavor and are not to salty! Well as I am writing this article we are packing up our cabin and starting the trip home. Rich and Wendy are heading to Georgia for a couple days and we are heading back to Mcminnville to load up the RV and head to Alabama for a steak cookoff on the way home. This has truly been a great trip. It will be good to get home and see the dogs and kids and grandkids. I hope everyone else is enjoying there summer and we will see everyone out cooking soon. Feed folks BBQ. It makes them happy!   National Barbecue News National Barbecue News  proudly presents The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide will be YOUR opportunity to showcase YOUR holiday gifts to those who will be giving the gift of BARBECUE this coming holiday season. Small Business Package Starts at $450 Reserve Your Spot Today By Calling or E-mailing TODAY! 800-385-0002  2019 Holiday Gift 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Section Guide Section     FEATURES FOR THIS SECTION: • Hi-Gloss Cover Stock • Center Pages of Issue with PullOutCapability • Shared In ALL Digital Outlets And Social Media Total Reach Will Be Over 50,000    Section inserted in November 2019 Print issue and Shared In Every Digital Platform We Have To Offer!   SEPTEMBER 2019 - 15 

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