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  Ben Que'n 2020 National Barbecue Tour In 2020 the National Barbecue News Magazine will celebrate its 30th year with a nationwide tour that will last all year long. Is there any better way to celebrate your birthday than by hanging out with friends and family? We think not, and that is the entire purpose behind the Ben Que'n Na- tional Barbecue Tour that will be happening throughout 2020. Have you ever wanted to be a part of something but re- alized the timing was terrible as you have other things happening that same day or weekend? This year-long celebration is going to try and eliminate that situation as we will be bringing our birthday party to a location near you. As we are traveling around from coast to coast, we'll also be taking some great BBQ brands along with us in hopes to showcase their businesses. The tour will consist of stops that will be focusing on three different aspects of the barbecue world. 1) Barbecue Events We will be pulling in and setting up shop at 12 different barbecue events across the country. We are also allow- ing our sponsors to pick some of these events we will attend. The National Barbecue News Magazine grew its circulation by this very means and we are looking for- ward to going out to say thanks in person to our sub- scribers and supporters! Have an event you want us to consider? Just let us know, and we'll certainly consider it. 2) Barbecue Restaurants Along our different routes across the country we will be pulling in to visit and highlight some of the best barbe- cue restaurants in America. Our Best of the Best BBQ Restaurant Guide will be our main list for visits, but we are always looking to try any place that is serving up real-deal BBQ! Maybe your joint might even pass our taste test while we are there! Want us to come by and see you? Let us know and we'll do our best to get there. 3) Barbecue Manufacturers Another significant aspect of our barbecue world is composed by the beloved barbecue companies who make the products that keep our grills hot and pits smoking. We will be stopping and highlighting these companies that are responsible for keeping us in busi- ness for the past 30 years. Our advertisers and different associations will definitely be in our primary targets as we set up our map. We'll also be stopping in for a visit for our tour sponsors to highlight their companies as well. Want to request us to stop by your business, shop, store, or factory? Let us know and we will put in on our list as well. We are hoping to shake hands, meet and greet, hug, and make personal contact with as many of our loyal sup- porters as possible during the year. We also know that this process will find us making new friends, family, and readers from the BBQ Nation. To get us on your list simply email us at info@barbe- with your details! The list of stops has al- ready started so don't us today so we can drop in and see you during the 2020 National Barbecue Tour. - 18 SEPTEMBER 2019 

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