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bbq blues THE BBQ BLUES GOT A GRIP ON YOU? GIVE IT TO JASPER! Photo courtesy of Frank Boyer  Ardie Davis aka Remus Powers BBQ Hall of Famer Besides regretting the loss of our loved ones, there are hundreds if not thousands of other regrets in our barbecue community, from bad scores for great meat, or losing a contest we should have won, to something you said or did and wish you could take back. If it’s bothering you, it be- longs in Jasper. Burning your regrets in Jasper is a step to- ward healing and moving on with your life. The hard work of healing, through forgiveness or restitution or whatever else it takes, is up to you. 2 EASY WAYS TOBURN YOUR REGRETS IN JASPER 1.Mail them to the address below, or 2.Bring them to The Jack for de- posit in Jasper’s feed bag or di- rectly into his iron belly. If you’ve done something you re- gret or if anything has happened in your life this year or in the past that you regret—including but not limited to bad scores in a contest—write it down for Jasper. You can also telepath it to a piece of blank paper for Jasper. What goes in Jasper burns in Jasper. Here’s where to mail your regrets: JASPER – c/o Debbie Christian The Jack Coordinator Jack Daniel Distillery 160 Craig Street Lynchburg,TN 37352 Write this on the outside of your envelope: CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT OPEN! BURN IN JASPER on October 25, 2019 On Friday night, October 25, on Barbecue Hill, the count- down will begin after Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Ar- nett pours some Old No. 7 on Jasper’s belly full of regrets. If the Barbecue Blues have a grip on you, here’s what to do: burn your blues or whatever else is burdening you in Jasper the Pig at The Jack! Jasper will move soon from his whiskey warehouse lodging in Lynchburg, Tennessee, to Barbecue Hill, overlooking Lynchburg and the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. While Invita- tional team members, judges, distillery hosts and other guests enjoy southern vittles, fellowship and music, Jasper will stand in front of a fireplace in the Barbecue Hill Pavilion and patiently accept the blues and regrets of the barbecue faithful in his iron belly. Jasper gets fireside fame one night each year at The Jack, when hundreds of regrets from members and friends of the bar- becue community are dumped in his belly. After the countdown from 10 to zero, Jasper will be hoisted atop blazing logs in the fireplace, to the cheers of all present. All blues and regrets will catch fire and go up the chimney in smoke, “from Jasper’s belly to God’s ear.” Jasper was designed and fabricated with heavy metal for endurance by the late Tony Stone & staff at Stone Steel in Cookeville, Tennessee. Jasper’s belly always holds our re- grets at missing Tony Stone, Gary Wells, Brian Heineke, Jimmy Bedford, Charlie Vergos, Angelo Lucchesi, Silky Sul- livan, John Willingham, Doc Gillis, Joe Phelps, Bob Car- ruthers, Guy Simpson, Smoky Hale and many other loved ones in the barbecue community as well as friends, rela- tives, colleagues and neighbors who have passed away. This is a special way to honor them and express our regrets that they are no longer with us in person. - 28 SEPTEMBER 2019 

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