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       All of us know about Kakadu National Park. Its reputation for superb rock art, stunning escarpments and breathtaking wetlands is well deserved. But many who approach Kakadu from Darwin speed past signs pointing the way to Corroboree Billabong, Mary River and Point Stuart without so much as a curious glance – and without realising how much they are missing.
So I am going to introduce you to this remarkable area, but only if you promise to not tell too many people about it. We don’t want it to become as over-run as Kakadu can be. It’s all about the Mary River here, with a sprawling catchment that embraces lily-studded wetlands, billabongs throbbing with wading birds and crocodiles, monsoon and paperbark forests laced with parrots and fruit bats, and a chance to just relax and have a great Top End experience.
Many bird-loving caravanners will likely have already stopped at such fabulous spots along the Arnhem Highway as Fogg Dam, Windows on the Wetlands and maybe even Leaning Tree Lagoon. To visit this region and not do a wetlands cruise amounts to nothing less than
a tragedy, and you couldn’t possibly do better than the one at Corroboree Billabong.
The Corroboree Tavern roadhouse has camping at the back, with a 20km unsealed access road to the billabong just 200m up the road. Camping is permitted at the billabong as long as
Clockwise from left: Wetland at Shady Camp; Corroboree Billabong; comb- crested jacana.
RV infrastructure Attractions X-Factor
you don’t mind clouds of mozzies and a dodgy toilet. The late afternoon cruise offers the most birdlife, but honestly, any time is beautiful on Corroboree Billabong. Be especially alert for wallabies on the road, and watch for          south-west of the billabong.
The next place offering camping is Mary River Park, an absolute gem of a spot and an excellent base for the entire        or laundry facility, but the setting more than makes up for the modest facilities. To set off for a day of exploring (try the drive to Bird Billabong with a 4.5km
walk to the lookout), and to then return to Mary River Park for a swim in the pool before happy hour, is a delight.
There is a number of worthwhile river cruises on offer, but if the budget only allows for one, go with the billabong      numerous other birds can be seen in          populated by agile wallabies.
As inviting as it may be, don’t even       the shore of the river. The Mary has the highest concentration of saltwater crocs in the world. The bridge over the river is a good place to spot one,

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