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                  Threepotatofour is a two man team (well, husband and wife team) based in Sedgefield, the heart of the Garden Route. We operate what we call an ‘open-source’ office, where we share office space with other professionals who also operate in the same or complementary fields which enables us to offer our clients any design/digital product they need.
We came from Johannesburg where we did the ‘big agency thing’ for 10 years – but soon realized that HOME and LIFE were important too, so we brought our ‘polished craft’ to the Garden Route and now use it in a ‘work hard/play hard’ balance. We are small enough to give individual focus to our clients and at the same time have the necessary resources to make our clients’ needs a reality.
 What 3p4 believe in?
• All design projects need to be functional and simple.
• The client must always know the status of projects.
• Client communication is essential.
• All projects are equally important.
How do We do it?
• We are hard workers and self driven which ensures that our clients get the best – all the time!
• We use our love for the outdoors to maintain the required balance.
• We LOVE what we do ... PERIOD.

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