Page 4 - HEF Pen & Ink 2023
P. 4

Writing: Katherine Armstrong Hailey Cox Rachel Drake Erika Foot Delany Lynch Ellie Mercer Brailey Sublette
Hailey Cox James Moore Alyona Zimmerman
Lead Editiors
Keiran Boyle Miranda Sheafor
Selection Committees
Cover Art Mia Brinton
Additional Thanks
Teacher Advisors: Kevin Ward
Roger Scruggs
Laurie Sechrist
Becca Leaphart and HEF staff
Harrison Writing Award Winners
“People Watching” Page 14 “Engine and Annie” Page 20 “Love in a Live Oak” Page 40 “Dancing in the Moonlight” Page 52
By Allison Christensen, HHS By Fox Kolar, HHS
By Robert Stimpson, HHS By Wyatt Gant, HHS

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