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 October Rain By Joelle Tooke
Cherry Tree
By Malachi Finch
The sun sends ripples of light down that illu- minate a cherry tree. Under a tree, animals peacefully sleep. There are three dogs, two with matching spots and another with dark brown fur, all under the cherry tree. Next to the dogs are three cats, two of the brightest orange and one white with black spots, all under the cherry tree. More animals appear, slowly floating from the leaves of the tree. Small fish swim in the air, and lizards race around the trunk, all under the cherry tree. Bunnies nibble on the grass and tease the cats all under the cherry tree. People come out from behind the tree trunk, all young but knowledge past their age is in their eyes. They take care of the ani- mals till their owners arrive, whispering their words to the animals and comforting them all under the cherry tree. A boy stands in the heat of the sun looking onwards towards the tree, knowing that is where he belongs, that is where his joy is, but he can not go yet for he still has a purpose in the sun, so he will stay until that purpose comes to him, standing in the blistering sun wishing for the things under the cherry tree.
Ocean By Liv Perry
 Bridge By Cadin Tate

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