Page 52 - HEF Pen & Ink 2023
P. 52

By Grayce Wilkins
The Falling Star
By Emery Todd
A – A single star fell from the sky
B – Beckoning to any
C – Child who may still be awake.
D – Dark though her window was
E – Ever still she watched the star
F – Falling through the frosty air
G – Gracefully trailing its golden light. H – Her eyes followed the
I – Icy star as it
J – Joyfully raced toward the earth
K – Knowing when it hit, its
L – Light would shatter into
M – Multiple pieces in the
N – Night-touched grass
O – Or would simply
P – Perish upon impact. The young girl
Q – Questioned whether the star
R – Realized it was plummeting
S – Straight down
T – Toward its
U – Unavoidable demise. The bright speck
V – Vanished into the trees, leaving the child to W – Wonder what became of the
X – Xanthic stone. She
Y – Yearned to search for it as a
Z – Zephyr lulled her to sleep.
By Lily Carlson

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