Page 68 - HEF Pen & Ink 2023
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Notes From The Editors
Without art in our world, it would be impossible to con- nect with people. Whether it be music, visual art, writing, speaking, sculpting, or other media of creativity, those who choose to create have vast influence on society. Art has power in our world, and this magazine perfectly highlights that. Allowing creative people to be published offers an opportunity to spread light in our community, as well as awareness for important issues. These students create, just like every artist creates, in order to connect with their peers and their community. Artists create so they can have an impact on individuals, even if it is only one person, for that is the purpose of art. Pen and Ink serves as an opportunity for people to continue creating. It also serves as inspiration for people who are seeking out ways in which they can express themselves. Art is vulnerable, and to put yourself out there is challenging, so I commend these artists for their vulnerability. I have been honored to carry on this Helena tradition, and am thrilled to see so many high school students partaking in the arts. These artists inspire me, and I cannot wait to see just how these fantastic individuals change our community, and our beautiful world.
Thank you for this opportunity to create.
-Keiran Boyle

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