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Run Avi Run
I am honored to announce that I am a candidate for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Man & Woman of the Year campaign. I am running alongside 15 other candidates in Denver to raise as much money as we can. I have set a substantial goal and would like your help to reach it. I am writing today to ask for
your support of my efforts to help LLS  nd a cure for blood cancers and to assist patients and families as they battle this disease.
My World changed on September 14th, 2019 when one of my best friend’s granddaughters, Aviana Marisol, was diagnosed with leukemia. Click to read the rest of the story.
My campaign to be the Woman of the Year is all about dollars raised. Every dollar I raise is a vote for me and a vote to cure cancer. I am asking you today to join me in this ambitious campaign. For me it is not about being Woman of the Year, it is about raising money for im- portant research that LLS is funding, which has led to groundbreaking treatments that are vital to treating blood cancers and many other forms of cancer. My team and I will be raising as much money as we can for LLS by June 27th. Click here for info about our virtual 5K.
Help Save Moose
My name is Moose and I’m the kindest 2 year old German Shepherd. My legs recently started giving me trouble and my parents are telling
me that I have something called hip dysplasia, whatever that means. It has become very dif cult for me to get around and I need surgery on both my hips. I’d really like to stick around for many more years so I can keep protecting my 2 young human sisters. I love everything and everyone and
I really need help getting back to my young self. I miss playing very much.
My parents say it’s at least $5k per leg, but with having such a young family they could really use help getting me all  xed up. Thank you!
- Love Moose
Help Baby Clay and his parents
Sweet baby Clay Goscha was born Friday, April 17th, 11 weeks early at 3.7 pounds. Mom was rushed to the hospital with severe hemorrhaging and after an emergency C-section, the newborn was put on a Flight for Life to Denver, separating this young family. Molly and Jeremy have a long road ahead of them over these next couple of months with recovery, unexpected hospital bills, travel, hotel, and meal expenses. Let’s help get them through this tough time so they can focus on getting baby Clay back home. Read their whole story.
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