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The art scene in Castle Rock has been quiet for a couple of years now, but that’s all about to change. The Castle Rock Artist Cooperative — or CRAC for short — was formed last year as our town’s newest nonpro t to serve artists and the art community, and they’re already beginning to make a big splash.
Visit the Castle Rock Artist Cooperative website > or email the organization >
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Discover Wild owers Class
Virtual Program May 4 & 6 • 6:30-8:30pm
It is easy to  nd beautiful wild owers blooming along the trail when you are hiking on Douglas County Open Spaces or in other wild places in Colorado. Many of us may know common names of some of these  owers already. Would you like to begin to learn how to identify others?
If so, join us for this 2-session Discover Wild owers class which will give you an introduction to plant identi cation. The  rst session will cover some basic botany information that is essential to know if you wish to learn to recognize plant families and identify wild owers. The second session will help you learn the basic patterns of several of the common plant families found in Douglas County, as well as showing you examples of plants in each family. At the con- clusion of the class, you will be given a list of plant names as well as a photo sheet of  owers that you can print at home. You will be able to go on a trip of wild ower discovery by yourself or with a family member or friend! RSVP with a click, above.
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