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Santa’s Sharing Holiday “Adopt-A-Family” thankful for sponsors and donors
Information provided by the Help and and Hope Center Center and and The Crisis Center Center Sponsorship for for for the the the the Help and Hope Center (formerly known as as as as the the the the Douglas/Elbert Task Force) Santa’s Sharing holiday adopt-a-family program program is is is in in in in in in in full swing again this year year ~ is is is asking the the the the the community for for for for for their generous help “We are are so so so grateful for for for the the the the the the incredible sponsors sponsors and and donors
that that have been with with us us us us for for for years and and those that that are are are new to to working with with our our program program As generous as these sponsors sponsors are are however the the the the need continues to to to grow in in in in in in our our communities ” said Susan Littman the the the the Santa Sharing program coordinator These families families living in in in in in Douglas and and and Elbert counties have ongoing needs and and and are referred by a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Help and and and Hope Center Client Advocate to the the program About 150 families families need need sponsoring sponsoring annually so so so please consider sponsoring sponsoring a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a family this year – giv- ing is what the the holidays are about There are are are several di di erent ways for for people to to participate Sponsors can can can deliver wrapped gifts gifts directly to to the the the the the families Or they can can can provide parents with one or or or or or more gift gift gift cards so so the the the the parent(s) can can can shop and wrap wrap the the the the gifts gifts for for their children Additionally each year a a a a a a a a a a a a handful of Santa Sharing vol- unteers accept new toys and and and gift cards for families who pick them up from the the the Help and and Hope Center when the the the families’ circumstances do not allow direct delivery by a a sponsor Groups and individuals who wish to sponsor one or or or or or more families or or or or or donate new toys or or or or gift cards to to the families served in house please use use form here or or or visit HelpandHopeCenter org
to download a a a a a sponsor application
or or request one via email at at SantaSHHC@gmail com 2018 SPONSOR COMMITMENT FORM & EXPECTATIONS
Organization or Family Name: Address:
Contact Person:
Daytime Phone:
________________ ____________________
Number of families you wish to sponsor: _ _ _ _ _ ____ Small (1-3 members):_____ members):_____ members):_____ Medium (4-5 members):_____ members):_____ members):_____ Large (6+ members):_____ members):_____ members):_____ • All giving is done anonymously due to to client client safety and confidentiality you you will not get to to meet the clients for whom you purchase gifts • Once we we receive receive your commitment form we we will will match you you you with with a a a a a client and you you you will will receive receive an email with their wish list • *Please note: it is is is is not not the the the expectation that you you fulfill the the the entire wish wish list There will be “needs” “wishes” and a a a a a a a a a a “pie in the the the sky” desire – purchase what you you you can based upon your personal budget • Delivery of gifts will be be scheduled by December 19 with Amy or Marcela • We welcome donations of gift gift gift bags and wrapping material to accompany your gift gift gift but
please do do not wrap gifts Thank you you so much for your generous support of the adults and children we serve!
Amy McCandless Director of Development PO Box 631302 Littleton CO 80163 amccandless@thecrisiscenter org
Direct: 303-678-2518
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