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e ort to inform the public prior to these closures via social media and public announcements on their GAP Project website is: There are 11 total drainage crossings on the west side and 23 on the east side – some pipes are as large as 48 inches and buried as deep at 16 feet. During each block closure, crews will replace multiple drainage pipes to be as e cient as possible and reduce the number of full closures on the frontage roads. Anyone who would like speci c information about the frontage road construction schedule, please contact Dan Sailer at the Town of Castle Rock at 720-733-2470. CDOT informs me that there are no current plans to enhance or re-design the exit and entry ramps to Tomah Road during the GAP Improvement Project. This is the major exit and entry point for tra c headed to the new Jellystone Campground which is currently under construction.
Crystal Valley Interchange:
If CDOT can obtain the necessary funding and receive State and Federal approvals, there is a plan to build a new interchange bridge with Southbound/Northbound on- and o -ramps located at Crystal Valley Road and what is now, Territorial Road. In addition to this planned project, there is also an intent to relocate the West Frontage Road to the West side of the railroad track from Territorial Road to Tomah Road. Once completed, the estimated cost in today’s dollars to build out both the interchange and relocate the West Frontage road would be $70,700,900. To date, there is no projected timeline to begin this construction project.
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