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Hello Castle Rock neighbors!
Jack Be Click Jack of All Macs Authorized Apple Repair
am very excited to be introducing Sedalia Designs, our Colorado based wholesale jewelry company to you! If you are new to us, please check out our website where you will  nd over 2000 styles of jewelry. We stock many styles and price ranges from pewter to sterling silver and more. You can shop our site without a consultant, or you can become a consultant for only
19.99! We also
have a customer
cash back for shopping program called a “Personal Shopper” for those who want even better deals but don’t want to run a business. We are in our 6th year as a Direct Sales Hybrid company which means we aren’t like your average jewelry company or Direct Sales company in anyway! 70% of our designs are made right here in Colorado,
and each sale gives back to charities across
the country. If anything I said intrigues you
and you want more information please contact
me personally at marcyschoenborn@gmail.
com or check us out at
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