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Should You Get a Dental Under Anesthesia?
by K-9 Smiles, Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs & Cats
All dogs should get a base line X-Ray between the ages of 1-5 years even if there is no disease in the mouth. X-Rays can only be done under anesthesia. Issues can be hiding under the gumline that cannot be seen visually.
When disease is present X-Rays are helpful to ascertain the attachment health or disease under the gum line. Radiographs can take a close look at the roots of the teeth. We often recommend clients follow up with an X-Ray or a dental under anesthesia for the following reasons.
Retained deciduous teeth. These are baby teeth that have not fallen out. They should be removed.
Gum disease in the form of gum recession, root exposure or deep pockets is a good reason to get an X-Ray. Once the tight protective gum barrier moves away from the tooth this is called periodontal disease. Bacteria can work its way under the gum line and jeopardize the tooth root and surrounding tissues. If active continual infection persists the bacteria and infection can enter your pet’s blood stream. Also, this can be painful.
Broken teeth are a good reason to check the tooth root under the gumline. They may need to be removed or restored.
Missing teeth. Sometimes what appears to be a missing tooth is really a tooth that is impacted under the gumline. This can become infected and painful.
Cavities. Dogs rarely
get cavities, but cats
frequently get cavities.
These teeth should be dealt with under anesthesia. Some teeth can be saved instead of pulled. The canines and upper carnassial teeth can be saved usually by performing a root canal. This is usually done by a vet dental specialist.
When we perform an anesthesia-free dental cleaning we will check prior to doing the procedure for serious issues as listed above. We will not charge you for this pre check but we will probably turn your pet down for the procedure until they have taken care of the problem.
For dogs with ongoing periodontal disease that need two cleanings a year we often work with vets who will do one cleaning under anesthesia with the X-Ray and we will do the second cleaning without anesthesia.
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Loose teeth. Loose teeth usually happen due to periodontal disease. It is best to check them with
an X-Ray or remove them.
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