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It’s All About MUSIC
We Are Music
Meet the X32 Mixer by Behringer
This device is the last place the music goes before you hear it through the speakers. All basic and  nal adjustments to the sound are made on a similar type mixer. Volume, equalization, special effects..., virtually every sound, is blended and adjusted by the engineer operating the mixer.
The ‘mix’ is critical to the act’s sound. Good Music + good mix = Good Sound
~ Tom
“Stay Tuned”
Check out these acts now playing in Castle Rock
Winchester Gray • Slowplay
Castle Rock Summer Concert Series
The Guess Who – August 11
Rumor Has It
More Blues coming to Castle Rock “Stay tuned.”
TriLakes Radio
Contact us with ideas, rumors, sugges- tions, scheduled shows, to be featured:
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A W d   Two
A W d   Two
“Survive The Planet”
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Some of us have had a chance to follow these guys over the last few months. They’ve been on the local scene for years and have recently made some notable changes. Dave, new to the band, has taken over on percussion. Together with Wade, George and Dan, they’ve rede ned their song writing, vocals and have hit the studio hard, real hard.
We’ve had the opportunity to follow that studio work as it’s progressed. They’ve just  nished the 5th song of their EP and are now completing more tunes to include on their soon
to be released album. Good stuff, thoughtful lyrics, great production. They care...
They’ll be popping up around Castle Rock shortly playing ‘showcase’ style shorter sets.
Catch their act.
They ain’t messing around.
~ Sam

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