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B US I N E S S & F I N A N C E
The Power of Expression
By Lisa Christianson Photography
Facial expressions are a universal language.Through them, we can express
love, happiness, pain, and all the other emotions on the spectrum.
Sometimes we’re aware of what we’re expressing, but what about those times when we’re not even aware that we’re
frowning,or wide eyed because
we’re nervous? Small facial movements result in displays of emotion; which begs the question: Are you effectively communicating through your current headshot?
A headshot is all about communicating effectively in the blink of an eye. Even though that conversation takes place almost instantly,
it’s the facial expression that draws them in. Your expression is the most powerful element when capturing your
The two key components to
get that knockout expression in your headshot are the Eyes and the Mouth.
Con dence comes from the eyes
Whenapersonisscared,theireyesopenwide like a deer in the headlights.When a person is con dant, their eyes naturally narrow.This
clean, modern professional headshots
February 2021 • Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters”
Are you effectively communicating through your current headshot?

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