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Castle Rock Senior Activity Center Annual Craft Show Holiday event
October 2021 • Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters” 8
The face of today’s “senior” is changing. Not only are people living longer, but many retire later while others take early retirement. Some call 70 the new 50 because no longer are seniors content sitting around. They are active, learning, and contributing to their communities while connecting with others making cross-country moves to be closer to friends and grandchildren.
The Castle Rock Senior Activity Center is a 50 “year” old 501(c)(3) non-pro t organization of 1100 +members.Theyrangeinagefromthe50’stothe90’s and live in their own homes or with family members. The Center provides services and programming to help them “age in place” and live independent and ful lled lives. With a  eet of vehicles and a team of dedicated volunteers, more than 700+ rides are provided each month to grocery stores and doctor appointments. Over 160+ activities are planned monthly. Programming is diverse, ranging from sports leagues and card games to special interest groups and theater trips. Services include wellness programs like foot clinics, massages and disease prevention classes.
Funding comes from grants, dues, donations and events such as this annual Craft Show. Continual growth in funding is needed to meet the increasing demands for this fast growing population. Volunteers serve a huge role and more are continually needed. Seniors are encouraged to check out all that is o ered:
Castle Rock Senior Activity Center
2323 Woodlands Blvd, Castle Rock, CO 80104 • 303-688-9498
Become a Sponsor: These folks paved the way for all of us and deserve our respect and assistance. By partnering with us as a sponsor know that you are doing your part, and everyone thanks you for your generosity.

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