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pests in the vegetable garden. Plants
that are heat stressed and pest infested
are prone to disease, and no gardener
wants to watch a plant wither just before
peak harvest! Keep the fruit of plants
such as zucchini, tomatoes, and berries
harvested and they will continue yielding
for the remainder of the season. If
tomatoes seem to be slowing down in
production generally, keep in mind they
have trouble setting fruit when average
temperatures consistently rise above
85 degrees. Shade cloth can work
wonders in a vegetable garden during
the peak heat of the growing season A display of  owers at the Douglas County Fair after judging. Could your blooms be here? to give plants (and your water bill) a relief.
It is also very helpful for those interested in sowing seeds for a fall crop of cool season veggies, such as lettuce or snow peas.
Last but not least, after all that effort growing beautiful plants it is time to prepare your entry to the Douglas County Fair! Bring your  ower babies to enter the  oriculture contest, or your splendid veggies to the agriculture competition. A wide variety of contests are available within the  oriculture/agriculture division including: honey, eggs, vegetables, vegetables art, artistic arrangement, house plants, fairy gardens, flowers, weeds, succulents, annuals and perennials. With so many options to choose from, there is
a category suited to everyone’s talents! Check in for entries begins August 5, with the fair itself running August 6-8. Agriculture/  oriculture judging will take place at 1 pm on47
August 5th and is open to the public. Classes not only include Adults and Seniors (ages 55+) but also kids in grades kindergarten to 12th are welcome so make it a family affair by getting the kids involved. All entries will be on display during the fair with those awarded having ribbons proudly displayed. Kids especially will get a thrill seeing their work set out for all attendees to see. Find many more details and rules for entries at https://www.douglascountyfairandrodeo. com/p/exhibitors/open-class.
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