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Broker/Agent/Client Relationship Explained

                       The job of a licensed real estate agent is simply to assist clients with the buying or
               selling of a piece of property.  Generally speaking a real estate agent will use their
               specialized knowledge of our local market, marketing ability, negotiating skill, and contract
               knowledge to help facilitate an agreement between a buyer and a seller.  You are essentially
               an intermediary in the process, whose job is to coordinate the sales process and make sure
               everything is negotiated, documented, and executed in the best interest of your client.

                       As a real estate agent, you are technically a licensee under the supervision a broker-
               in-Charge.  Whenever you begin working with a buyer or seller, your client is actually the
               client of the brokerage, or broker-in-charge.  Your brokerage assumes the liability of having
               you as their agent, which is why it’s important for the agent to follow office procedures to
               mitigate liability for yourself and for your brokerage.  This is also why all agreements and
               contracts of any kind can only be terminated by the broker-in-charge.

                       Always consult with your broker on any problems or issues that may arise during a
               transaction.  Your broker may not be involved in your daily interactions with your client,
               but technically they represent your client as well.  Remember, all contracts and agreements
               are legally under the name, Century 21 Boling and Associates.  An easy way to remember
               this concept is that all clients are represented by Century 21 Boling, and you are the

                       As an agent, your first obligation is always to your client.  You can advise and
               counsel, but your job is not to make decisions on their behalf, but instead to carry out the
               wishes of your client.  All decisions are to be made only with the client’s consent, protecting
               their best interest and making sure everything is done in compliance with state and local
               laws governing real estate.
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