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Grandpa Lundquist

Spiced with cloves, cardamom and citrus, 
Grandpa Lundquist Glögg is non-alcoholic 
and ready to be gently heated and served 
at holiday celebrations or after outdoor 

cold weather activities.

Start your own holiday 

tradition by serving ice cold 
Grandpa Lundquist Christmas 
Soda ~ a unique, sweet and 

lavorful soft drink ~ at all 
your holiday gatherings and 
winter events.


If you prefer to brew your own, try 

Grandpa Lundquist Glögg Spice 
Mix to easily prepare authentic 
glögg for family and friends.

Grandpa Lundquist (Sweden)

A 15028
Glögg Winter Beverage 12/26.4 OZ 
B 15039
Christmas Soda - 12 oz 6/4-packs 
C 86010
Glögg Spice Mix
12/9 OZ

Fax: 847-669-2154

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