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  In 2009, Frank and Sheila Beneski of Suffield were attending their 111th high school basketball game of the season at Central Connecticut State University to watch the Class L semifinal between Bulkeley and Northwest Catholic. (JOHN WOIKE / HARTFORD COURANT)
have him see what it was like. We started to go to more games, and more games. Our sons both went to Northwest Catholic, so we went to those games.”
Their older son Tim graduated high school in 1983, their younger son Peter in 1986. Neither played any sports.
Frank Beneski gets emotional while talking about the book his wife, Shelia, kept full of names of the people they met at games: coaches, players, friends, fans, media, etc., as he reflected on her memory at his home in Suffield on
“We were going to maybe 40-
45 games a year back then,” Frank said. “You follow a particular team, and you see teams that are good and you wonder how they’re going to do against other teams that are good. We started to expand our horizons and go to a broader and broader spectrum of games until we wanted to see every good game that would happen in the state. So the sky was the limit.”
It got to a point where Sheila had to keep a notebook with all
the coaches’ and officials’ names (with descriptions of the officials: “tall, dark hair”) so they could keep track of everybody.
When they got to the game, Frank kept score. Sheila watched. They didn’t talk much during the games, except to say things to each other like “Great play.”
They didn’t cheer for either team because they knew everybody on both teams, and the officials always appreciated that.
“Both of them are very special people,” said Mike Kohs, who has
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