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of Fame
Thursday, November 19, 2020
The Aqua Turf Club Southington, CT
Monday, September 28, 2020
The Aqua Turf Club Southington, CT
  Gold Level Membership
The interpretation of the CHSCA Gold Pass has led to so much misinterpretation that the Executive Board has instituted new guidelines:
1. The Gold Pass name has been changed to Gold Level
2. You must be in the CHSCA membership for 28 years and
retired for six months from coaching and teaching.
3. Gold members who want to stay on the mailing list will be assessed $30 a year for the cost of mailing. You will receive a letter regarding a hard copy of the newsletter. You may save your money by clicking onto our website and viewing all issues of Connecticut Coach Magazine online. If you do not use a computer or wish to receive a hard copy,
you may sign up when you receive the letter in July.
4. Coaches who want to receive the mailing, or coaches who think they qualify for a Gold Level Membership should
Robert Cecchini, Interim Executive Director
4 Heather Lane, East Granby, CT 06026
or phone 860-658-4362 //
 Connecticut High School Coaches Association & Interim Executive Director Robert Cecchini’s
Telephone Number
The Connecticut High School Coaches Association has a telephone number that you can reach 24 hours a day.
PHONE: 860-658-4362 FAX: 860-651-4569
You may leave a message on the recording and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Superintendents, principals and coaches have had many questions dealing with athletics in our state. We are here to serve you and hope this will make things easier. The mailing address is:
4 Heather Lane, East Granby, CT 06026
 Applications Sought for Sports Committees
This application only needs to be filled out once every three years.
The CHSCA Executive Committee is seeking applications for positions on the Sports Committees. Committee members will be selected from a pool of applicants on the basis of leadership, service and geographical representation. Selections are made each spring, with typical tenure being four to five years. CHSCA Sports committee members serve a dual role of being members of CIAC Sports Committees.
Complete the accompanying form and return it to: Robert Cecchini, Interim Executive Director, CHSCA, 4 Heather Lane, East Granby, CT 06026.
NAME: ____________________________________________________________ SPORT: ____________________________________________________________ SCHOOL: __________________________________________________________ YEARS AS HEAD COACH: ____________________ DATE: ___________________ HOME ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________ CITY: ____________________________ STATE: _________ ZIP: ___________ HOME PHONE: ______________________________________________________ WORK PHONE: ______________________________________________________
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