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  From left, Louis Petruzzello, his son, Tony, and wife, Deborah, who are shown during the dedication of a billboard to their son upon his graduation from high school in 2016. PHOTO: SANDY ALDIERI / CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Louis Petruzzello: Devoted Dad, Great Sportsman Commemorated
By Cassandra Day
The Middletown Press Reprinted with permission
A humble and soft-spoken man known throughout the Middletown community, Louis Petruzzello was by all accounts a great friend and devoted role model for his son.
Petruzzello, 64, was killed recently as a result of a motor vehicle crash while riding his bicycle at the intersection of
Randolph and Millbrook Roads. He was a tremendous athlete, working out as much as three hours a day: bicycling, spinning and lifting weights at the Middlesex YMCA,runningandplayingrugby, according those who knew him
Friend Mark Cosgrove recalls
a high school memory when the two double-dated at the former Woodrow Wilson High School senior ball. Petruzzello was a
paperboy at The Hartford Courant at the time.
Cosgrove was getting dropped off at about 2 a.m. after attending the dance. “Louis said, ‘where are you going? We have to deliver papers now,’” he said with a laugh. Still dressed in their tuxedos, the duo did just that.
Petruzzello’s wife, former girls track coach at Wilson High School and later at Middletown High School, Deborah Petruzzello, who

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