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 I’m sorry to say that my heart just isn’t fully embracing the 2020 holidays. I’m sure I’ll well up with wide-eyed wonder when we light the Christmas tree for the first time. I’m hopeful for a better, more positive 2021. I promise to be pa- tient for life to improve.
As I write this, the governor has scaled back the COVID-19 gathering guideline to a maximum of ten people in a private house- hold setting. This will probably change by the minute But, what if you have more than ten people living in your home?
“Okay, folks. Grandma will eat on a lawn chair in the hallway. Junior, you balance your plate on your knees in the stairwell. Su- sie, enjoy your dinner in Barbie’s Dream House. Mom will eat stand- ing at the sink (like she always does when no one’s around) and the rest of us will sit six feet apart, dining on TV trays in the living room. Aunt Sylvia, pass the gravy to Uncle Joe on the porch!”
By Halloween, I usually have my Christmas decorating strategy figured out. Each December, I go crazy embellishing the front steps and every corner of the down- stairs. But it’s 2020, and I’m tired, so I’ll use ‘these uncertain times’ as an excuse to scale it back and make life easier. (It’s not the deco-
rating, it’s the PUTTING EVERY- THING AWAY post-holiday that is the pain in the neck.)
I’m a collector of many things vintage and have amassed a pleth- ora of Shiny Brite Christmas balls. Some I’ve inherited from Nonna and Mom; some I’ve bought; some were given to me by a dear friend. I plan to display these in ‘Pinter- esting’ ways. Easy peasy.
My friend also added to my collection of elaborately framed vintage mirrors. I hope to arrange these standing in my front window seat with greens and mini lights. I tend to dress that window as if it were part of a G. Fox display. I’m worried though — the window fac- es due east. So if the mid-morning
sunlight beats down the mirrors, can it start a fire? I need to know! Or is that just with the sun and a magnifying glass and a couple of overzealous campers?
As a Christmas gift to myself, I did a makeover of a petite metal and glass bar cart that I found at a second hand shop in town. For- lorn, paint-chipped and stranded on the sidewalk, it was what I had been searching for. Marked down to $20.
I cleaned it up, painted it gold and added crystal knobs to the handle. I staged it with 1960s barware and vintage booze. We won’t be entertaining this holiday season, but I love looking at my decked out mid-century treasure.
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