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Sal Belcaro, Jackie Gualtieri, Dominick Gualtieri
Southington Magazine would like to congratulate Fancy Bagels for celebrating 30 years in business in Southington! The original owners, Joe Gallizzi, Silva- na Belcaro and Pino Belcaro started the business in Farmington in 1988. In 1990 they opened the South- ington location.
The present owner, Dominic Gualtieri, began working for them in 1996 and took over as owner of the Southington location in 2002 and he brought in his mom, Jackie, to run that location.
Fancy Bagels serves New York-style bagels, baked fresh daily. They have a strong retail operation mov- ing more than 800,000 bagels from the Southington store annually.
Dominic tells me baking is his favorite part of the business. Dom is up and baking before most of us are out of bed. He estimates he has baked around 15 mil- lion bagels! If practice makes perfect, then Fancy Ba- gels are simply perfection!
Dom says they know how to make customers come back again and again. They love their loyal custom- ers and welcome newcomers as well. Whether you eat and drink on premises, or take your order home or to the office, your experience will be a delicious one. In
addition to bagels, you can get sandwiches made with premium deli products and fresh panagels also! At Fancy Bagels, one of their quality ingredients is great service. Their staff is always willing to serve up any combination of the products they carry. They have a full breakfast and lunch menu with countless options.
Fancy Bagels knows that having a great tasting beverage is as important as serving high quality food. Their self-service coffee pots at their coffee stations cater to many tastes. Regular coffee, decaf, and gour- met flavored coffee are hot and all you need to do is fill your cup. For those who prefer cold beverages, they have a cooler with bottled juice, milk, iced tea and water.
In addition to their retail operation, Fancy Bagels has a solid wholesale business, delivering to num- ber of stores and schools. There’s a good reason why Fancy Bagels has been around for 30 years!
Fancy Bagels is located 405 Queen Street across from Price Chopper. If you are one of the few in Southington who have not had the Fancy Bagel expe- rience, do yourself a favor; check out the Fancy Bagels coupon on page 57 of this magazine and bring it in for a treat!

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