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Southington Magazine — Holiday 2020
When RDS Media, the pub- lisher of the Southington Maga- zine, opened up a business cen- ter in downtown Southington, we called on Jennifer Napolitano, a local interior designer, for some guidance. Jennifer met with us and asked questions about our expectations for the space under discussion.
commitment to detail throughout the project, right to the very end, helped create exactly what I had en- visioned.
Jennifer grew up on Long Island, New York, a beach girl, she tells me. She lived in Wallingford for five years and has been a Southington resident for the past 17 years, where she has lived with her husband, Charlie and her two boys, Charles and Nicholas. She studied advertis- ing art and design in college and in 2005, Jennifer furthered her educa- tion and became a certified interior designer and certified real estate stager. For 10 years, while running her own interior design business, Jennifer would meet once a month
with a group of like-minded professionals and worked together to elevate each other’s brand and expertise. Jennifer used her design talents with the Quinni-
piac Chamber of Commerce in 2014 and became the lead designer for their Holiday Home Tour; a holi- day event in Wallingford. It was then Jennifer met her now business partners and became an owner/part- ner at Design House Interiors in Wallingford, CT.
Here she began using a more diverse skill set do- ing larger renovations and full home design. One of Jennifer’s largest opportunities was designing a ski house in Vermont with her partners and DHI team. This was new construction and Jennifer’s involve- ment began at the blueprint level implementing de- signs before anything was in place.
If you desire the talents of an interior designer and think it’s only for the elite, think again. Jennifer says magic can happen at any price point; the high- end and the more budget friendly. She works with anyone who wants his or her home to be more beau- tiful and functional. The saying goes, “Form follows function” and Jennifer knows how true that is. “We talk about room schemes, organization and space
A Passion for
Interior Design!
  I wanted it to be comfort-
able, I wanted it to be vibrant, and
lively, but most of all I wanted it
to have a ‘wow’ factor. I was plan-
ning on renting out 12 offices,
and when prospective businesses
came through the door to look at
the space, I literally wanted them
to go ‘wow.’ That might seem like a
tall order, but Jennifer went right to work.
A week later we met again. Jennifer came in with a story board showing colors for walls and colors for doors. There were two splash walls with vibrant color. She had chosen a carpet for the common area along with the sofa, and chairs that would go there. She suggested an affordable, but beautiful counter top for the kitchenette area. She recommended vari- ous lighting in the common area, in the conference room, over the kitchenette bar; she even suggested a particular chandelier for the stairwell leading to the Business Center.
We were delighted with her ideas! It was clear that Jennifer had captured the vision I had for this space. We went to work and implemented everything Jennifer had suggested, right down to the chandelier in the entrance stairwell. It took several months for everything to be completed and as we got closer to opening, Jennifer came by and took me ‘shopping’ for some final niceties.
We picked up pictures for the walls, pillows for the sofa, some items for the shelving over the kitch- enette and some wall art for the stairwell. Jennifer’s

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