Page 45 - Southington Magazine Holiday 2020 Issue 42
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 Southington Business Center, interior designed by Jennifer Napolitano.
planning. It’s not just about making it pretty. Ease of use and the proper flow; that’s what good interior design is really about. You don’t have to scrap every- thing. I like to garner a person’s style and design for them.”
Jennifer starts with a complimentary consulta- tion. “I want to get to know them and I want them to know me,” says Jennifer. “If I’m going to be in their space, possibly for several months, we both need to feel comfortable.”
Jennifer has an excellent resume of past projects. One of which is my office space. Today, at the South- ington Business Center, every office is rented and al-
most everyone who comes through the door for the first time goes “Wow, this is really nice!” What a tes- tament to an interior de- signer who has a true pas- sion for her craft!
Looking for help in your home or business? Jennifer can be reached at 203-610-7236 or by email at jennifer@designhous-

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