Page 49 - Southington Magazine Holiday 2020 Issue 42
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hall, which has been located on Main Street since the early 1940s, the town owns the property on North Main Street where the John Weichsel Municipal Center is located.
What criteria would your successor need to qualify?
Sciota said any prospective candidate for town manger needs to first learn as much as possible about Southington. An advanced degree in public administration is needed and finally, Sciota says, “any candidate should understand how to get the best out of people.”
Council leadership comments:
Council Chairperson Victoria Triano: “I have been privileged to work with Mark for many years and have experienced firsthand, the motivation of one who truly puts Southington first in every situation and issue. It is remarkable to witness his devotion to this town and people. Mark is not motivated by personal gain, ego or partisan politics. He just wants to do whatever is best for our town. We are blessed to have him as town manager and it has been an honor to work with him.”
Minority Leader Chris Palmieri: “Mark is an absolute pleasure to work with. His knowledge of this town is remarkable and a benefit to all. I am constantly impressed with his professionalism, his concern for others and his attention to details.”
Mark Sciota’s appointment as town manager was a result of a change in the procedure used previously. The Republican majority believed it was time to select a person who had “paid his dues” and had a record of loyalty, background and initiative to become the town’s top administrator. His new contract of four more years guarantees that Southington will remain in good hands.

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