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East, and perch on one of our neighbor’s trees. On three occasions Wrenty did not show up at all.
We prepare for his arrival as we don’t want to disturb him with our activity or by setting off the motion-detector lights. We put the cars in the garage, get the trash cans out on the curb, finish watering plants or raking leaves, and go inside to wait. Then at the appointed hour we keep our eyes riveted through the window on his arrival area.
Sometimes he swoops in and makes a perfect landing on his eave. Other times he flies up to, and lands on, the porch, walks to a chair, flutters up to the seat, and launches himself up to the eave, settling in for his 12+ hour rest (he gets much more sleep than we do!). If you blink you could miss the action; it happens so fast.
In the early morning we watch, straining our eyes in the darkness, until we notice a slight movement, a brief stretching of wings, a bit of preening, and off he goes to wake up the neighborhood.
We hope Wrenty stays with us for the winter. He is so cute and we love his happy songs at dawn. Our home seems cozier with him nearby. He has become a special, dependable friend in a time of unpredictability.
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