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From Dreams
to Plans to
Reality in Our
Town Center
The Town of Wallingford just received word of a $128,205 grant from the State of Connecti- cut to improve the parking lot on North Cherry Street between Quinnipiac Street and Hall Ave- nue. We now have all the funding in place to proceed. What better time than now to fully explain why additional parking is needed to modernize the “downtown” part
of our town center.
In the past several years, we
have 1) written a Plan of Conser- vation and Development high- lighting development opportu- nities; 2) instituted an Incentive Housing Zone; 3) participated in developing a Transit-Oriented De- velopment Plan; 4) adjusted zon- ing regulations in the town center to make redevelopment more fea- sible; 5) oversaw the construction of a new $21 million railroad sta- tion and introduced CT Rail com- muter service; 6) secured state funding to improve the aforemen- tioned parking lot; and 7) inaugu- rated tax incentives to increase developer interest.
Every bit of this was done in the hopes of improving the “downtown” area of our town
Wallingford Magazine – Holiday 2020
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