Page 25 - Wallingford Magazine Holiday 2020 Issue 30
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center. This parking lot is at the center of all of this work. Parking requirements were reduced spe- cifically to enable the higher den- sity residential construction that makes redevelopment financially attainable. And public parking is the keystone to making the entire area commercially and residen- tially viable.
I can now tell you of another idea your Economic Development Commission would like to see come to fruition: the Town of Wall- ingford would like to lease the old train station to an entrepreneur with the vision to turn it into a lo- cation for businesses like restau- rants, perhaps a wine bar or other attractions that could generate significant foot traffic to the area.
This unique piece of Wall- ingford history and architecture would be a centerpiece of the re- development of the area that, for decades, all of us with an interest in our town center, have hoped for. Historic train stations have been repurposed throughout the country with tremendous results. That should happen here as well.
We have done the planning government is so often accused of not doing. This parking lot is an important part of it. It will draw developers to see the potential of the area; it will provide parking to the railroad station businesses; and it will eliminate one of the principal impediments to higher density residential construction.
The future is now! We have an opportunity to move forward. Please, let’s not remain in the’70s.
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