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 Outgoing Wallingford Center, Inc. (WCI) Executive Director Liz Landow, left, is pictured with incoming WCI Executive Director, Kathy Lilley.
several blocks of Center Street. It’s estimated that around 20,000 people attend every year.
To coincide with the many infrastructure improve- ments that town government has made, Liz began a Façade program that uses small grants of town funds to help prop- erty owners improve the front of their buildings and mer- chants with their signage. Working with the town’s Electric Division, WCI manages an Electric Division incentive pro- gram for new businesses locating in the center.
Additionally, Liz was a charter member of the Town Center Collaborative, a group of residents interested in promoting improvement projects in the district. Replacing the public parking signs and distinctively striping public parking lots so that town center parking was more visible was one idea that grew out of this group. The beautification of the strip of land between North Main Street and Simp- son Court, recently completed, also came to fruition with cooperation between this group and WCI.
Hubcap Wallingford is another organization with Liz Landow’s imprint on it. She has been treasurer since its in- ception six years ago. She and our School Superintendent collaborated on developing the annual Credit for Life pro- gram for all public school tenth-grade students that gives them a glimpse of what it takes to make sound financial decisions as the adults that they will soon become.
So it is evident that Liz Landow has had an enormous impact on WCI and, therefore, on the center of Wallingford. But there came a time when she decided that it was time to retire and move on to enjoying other things in her busy life. When COVID-19 and its devastating impact on all aspects
of the economy came calling, Liz decided that this was the best time to pass the torch to a new executive director.
The WCI Board of Directors began a search in August, and was very fortunate to find Kathy Lilley. Kathy’s 33 years as a town resident, interesting and varied work experi- ence, energy and creativity, and many local connections led them to conclude that this would be just the person to fill Liz Landow’s very large shoes (figuratively speaking, of course).
Having grown up in the Hartford/Wethersfield area of Connecticut in a family of nine children, Kathy has previ- ously lived in Europe, Colorado, and twice in Oklahoma where her West Point graduate husband Ray was posted when he was on active military.
In Hanau, Germany, Kathy put her parks and recreation degree to good use operating a recreation center for troops, operating a family center on base, and even arranging USO tour visits at the base where her husband was serving. When his active service career ended and her husband moved on to the Reserves, they moved back to Connecti- cut. Wallingford was chosen because Kathy had taken a job at Glastonbury Park & Rec and her husband was employed in Stratford.
Kathy’s parks and recreation career ended when she was hired as the events manager for Riverfront Recapture, a nonprofit that plans events in the parks on the bank of the Connecticut River in Hartford and East Hartford. There, Kathy ran events like concerts and Riverfest. In her event planning career, which is extensive, Kathy has worked on projects at Madison Square Garden in New York, the Trav-

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