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elers Championship golf tournament, as well as being em- ployed by insurance giant Aetna as the Event Marketing and Community Relations Manager. She came to WCI from Triax Technologies in Norwalk, where she served as Event Marketing Manager.
Kathy began at WCI in September and has been learn- ing the ropes from Liz. As with many small organizations (the Executive Director is the only employee at WCI), much of what Liz has done through the years had to be transferred verbally. In fact, Liz has told her board: “WCI is my baby, and I wouldn’t leave the office until Kathy is completely ready. I’m not leaving town, and I intend to help Kathy in any way that I can.” As the two of them were friends prior to the handover, the transition is going very smoothly.
One of the most critical parts of the transition is ac- quainting Kathy with the hundreds of details required to successfully carry out WCI events. For instance, planning for Celebrate Wallingford, an event that will draw up to 20,000 people on a beautiful October weekend, begins in the spring, and continues getting busier and busier by the month.
“The transition has been seamless,” stated Liz Landow recently. “Kathy jumped right in from her first day. Her event experience will certainly pay off, but her dealings with town government in prior jobs is also a great asset. The mer-
chants, especially, will have an enthusiastic advocate that will help in any way she can. She brings a wealth of experi- ence and energy to Wallingford Center. She’s been a delight to work with, and it gives me peace of mind to know how skillfully she will carry on the work we do.”
When asked what ideas she would like to implement, Kathy Lilley said: “Obviously, I will carry on with what Liz has done to make WCI such an asset to town. That’s my first priority. But I would also like to initiate some business development programs that the merchants can take ad- vantage of. The retail environment is constantly changing, and so the merchants are also having to seek new ways to attract and keep customers. I want every one of them to succeed, and WCI can help.”
“As I settle into the job and learn more, I am certain that other things will come to mind. I’m just thrilled to be in a position to keep the center of the town I have come to love as vibrant and attractive as possible,” she added.
As with everything else right now, COVID-19 has forced everyone to think anew and react to constantly changing circumstances. Wallingford Center Inc. has had excep- tional leadership in Liz Landow, and that will continue with Kathy Lilley. The center of Wallingford is indeed the heart of our community, and it’s in good hands.
Wallingford Magazine – Holiday 2020

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