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Our Poetic Town
At our Saturday Mornings with Poetry meeting in late October, I was asked to offer a prompt to inspire our group of talented poets to write poems for the next meeting in two weeks . Since the next meeting was to be just before Thanksgiving, I chose the prompt to be “Gratitude .”
As so often happens, the wonderful range and quality of ideas, feelings, memories, and experiences lead our group to write from their hearts and to use their amazing poetic talents . As you will see in the poems below, gratitude can present itself in so many wonderful ways . Enjoy!
Tarn Granucci, Poet Laureate Emeritus of Wallingford
  Connection with others helps us to thrive...
 thanks to technology, we will survive.
 As long months of isolation did loom,
 we kept connected by employing zoom.
 Going to supermarkets wasn’t smart,
 but we didn’t starve...we found Instacart.
 Churches were closed during this covid time
 but we could select a service on line.
  Thanks to youtube, we hear orchestras play,
 tour a museum..and not even pay.
 Through zoom we still share special family times,
 take classes, sing songs and read our own rhymes.
  Our ancestors lived through plagues way back when
 I’m glad I’m here now and not living then.
  Jane Mansfield Bouvier
I am grateful for
my pension,
a dependable car,
my paid-for home
with a deck where
friends visit, share a glass, toast to times endured, celebrated.
I’m grateful for bestsellers to read, my journals to fill, poems to compose and gather into books, fields of thoughts
to pen and share.
I am grateful for
my vision to enjoy sunrises, sunsets,
a grandchild’s smile,
to see myself wiser, older, to find deeper meaning in parts of life that count.
I am grateful for
grown children,
faster growing grandchildren like a garden full of flowers, individual beauties, blooming on sunless days, on long nights of winter.
I’m grateful for
my stride, to jog
or hike up and down trails, and listen for the song
of a woodland bird,
scurry of chipmunk, kiss of landing leaf.
I am grateful for
a childhood with
more good than
bad memories,
family traditions, learning how love grows in different ways.
I am grateful for my healthy heart seldom breaking, bursting at times, revived, relieved, renewed again and again.
Karen J. Ciosek
 I put my foot on the floor
 Express gratitude
 Watching the pink-orange sunrise
 Sandy Weekes
 14 November 2020
Wallingford Magazine – Holiday 2020
November 2020

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