Page 39 - Wallingford Magazine Holiday 2020 Issue 30
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Grateful for Florida winter vacations
Relationships with family, friends, poetry on Zoom
Able to engage, enjoy music playing the piano
Two precious blonde granddaughters my “sweetie pies”
Independence, choices for happiness and serenity
Thankful for two grandsons my “munchkins”
Unity at Thanksgiving table Dishes of Thanksgiving left-overs Elation when homemade pie exits
the oven
Maureen Hoedtke 11/10/2020
I’m taking a moment to sit by your side, O Lord.
I hope I am not intruding.
I’ve turned off the radio and television,
I have shut down my computer, and powered down my phone as well as all of my tablets.
I don’t want any interruptions, so I’ve also put a “do not disturb” sign on my door.
Today the autumn entered my home,
with its groans and whisperings,
while outside the young robins were exercising their vocals chords,
and the flashy hummingbirds were busy at the feeders.
I’ve done all they are doing.
So, let’s get to it, let’s get on with the meditation.

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