Page 40 - Wallingford Magazine Holiday 2020 Issue 30
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Wallingford Magazine – Holiday 2020
Now that we are face to face, what’s next?
. . . I see.
Very well then.
I’m thankful for your suggestion.
I will sing Your dedication to Life in silence,
but first, I need you to hum a few bars.
Eddie Morales
Go out the door in the morning
A choice of walks is presented Greeted from across the street by waves lapping on the beach at
high tide,
Smooth sleek glass at low tide.
The boardwalk with its perfect planks,
Beach on one side, marsh on the other,
People passing,
Clouds moving across the sky, Heaps of shells near waterline, A spit reaching out to an island, Seagulls canvassing for treats.
The flat streets perpendicular to the water,
past small older cottages, large modern homes,
all raised on cement cylinders. Streets dead-ending at the
expansive marsh
Reeds, rushes, cattails gracefully bending with the
below the clear autumnal sky.
Or walk the silvery sands beach itself, the Sound sounding

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