Page 41 - Wallingford Magazine Holiday 2020 Issue 30
P. 41

and looking alluring on one side, On the other, private beach
homes with huge windows, multiple porches, recliners, and
inflatable rafts
calling out to those lucky
generations of owners.
So grateful to come back to this bubble of a room
with its flat TV, queen bed, mini kitchen/porch
across from the beach in Milford, Safely sequestered here
in warmth, coziness, privacy during the Autumn of the
Lynn Paper November 2020
Because you smiled at me I’ll gently fold you
in the valley of my wings safe, tucked into my daring.
Your smile emboldens me:, we will fly high
the bright expanse of sky
a feast for hawks and turtledoves
life within the provence of your smile an invitation to embrace it all—to dash
through doors blown open
by the wind, to rise or fall as destiny decides the impossible possible because you smiled at me.
Lois Read 2020

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