Page 45 - Wallingford Magazine Holiday 2020 Issue 30
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Located in Wallingford, Cho- ate Rosemary Hall is a co-edu- cational independent secondary school (grades 9 through post- graduate) integrating 21st cen- tury innovation with traditional strengths.
At Choate Rosemary Hall, we believe creativity and collabora- tion are natural by-products of the opportunity we have to live and learn together. As a school, we are dedicated to transforma- tive student experiences, as well as cultivating a vibrant cohesive community that celebrates diver- sity and instills life-long habits of learning, leadership, and service.
Whether students choose to immerse themselves in our core academic program, academic teams in mathematics, debate, economics, robotics, and Model U.N., or to become involved in one of our signature programs – Ad- vanced Robotics, Arts Concen- tration, Science Research, Ara- bic and Middle Eastern Studies, Capstone, Environmental Immer- sion, or the JFK Program in Gov- ernment and Political Science – Choate provides the opportunity for students to explore existing interests and passions as well as discover new ones. We are com- mitted to enrolling exceptional students and to preparing them to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. Find out more at

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