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Art Show
  by Tarn Granucci
The First Annual Art Show for Wallingford artists was announced in the summer Issue of Wallingford Magazine. Patricia Corbetttt, a local artist and owner of Camelot Gallery on North Main Street reached out to me, as the magazine’s editor, and to Rob Fritz, founder of the Wallingford Arts and Culture Alliance (WACA). She wanted to know if we would be interested in presenting a “virtual art show” during this time, because of the pandemic.
Rob, as a member of the Wallingford Economic Devel- opment Commission had previously presented an idea for fifinding a means, a way and a place to feature the arts of our community.
He reached out to several members of the community and put together a steering committttee of people who would have the depth and range of knowledge to create an organi- zation that would serve the arts and culture of our town. The original group was formed two years ago and had been meet- ing regularly to develop the alliance.
This group of dedicated people bring a tremendous amount of experience and talent to the table.
Patricia has been involved in several art organizations in Connecticut and exhibits nationally. She has the under- standing of how to put together an exhibit that will gain the attttention of local artists who have found themselves without venues for displaying their art because of the pandemic.
More than 35 Wallingford artists submitttted their art im- ages along with an entry fee. In addition, there was a very generous donation of $1,000 from the Wadsworth Family Foundation, based in Wallingford. Other donations from Plat- inum Mortgage Solutions, Inc and Wallingford Frame ’n Art, the Gingras Family and Wholesale Frames of Meriden have made this art show possible.
Prizes have been awarded in donors’ names to several of the 30 artists that were selected by our juror, John Mas- simino, a well-known former teacher at Paier Art School and
international artist.
Over the next pages you will see the beautiful works
of our Wallingford artists all installed and arranged by our graphics expert, Susan Larson. Most of the artwork is for sale as noted below the image with the artist’s name, title of the work, medium the artist used, the size of the work and the price.
If you have any questions about the art exhibited on these pages, please feel free to contact Patricia Corbetttt at 201-803-3766
 John Massimino
First Annual Wallingford Art Show Juror
John Massimino was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He earned his B.F.A. degree from the Hartford Art School. John has had numer- ous one-man shows as well as group exhibitions
in the United States and Ita- ly. His travels throughout Eu- rope and the United States have greatly influenced his work and those travels con- tinue to this day. He has won 48 painting awards in New Haven and New York. Massimino is a member of many outstanding art asso-
ciations. John taught art at Paier College of Art in New Haven for 20 years and is still a visiting professor.
Wadsworth Family Foundation; Platinum Mortgage Solutions, Inc., Joanne Johansen, Erik G. Johansen; Gingras Family; Thurston Foods; Wallingford Frame ’n Art; Wholesale Frames, Meriden, George Aresco; Rob and Patricia Fritz; Tarn Granucci; Therapeutic Massage Office; Wallingford Magazine; and Wallingford Arts & Culture Alliance.
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