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 an airport!’” A testament to the sense of humor of Ralph and his close friends.
Aside from his family, Ralph loved hiking, travel, history, reading, a cheap cigar (the wood-tipped kind) and his faith. He spent an hour each morning reading from his Bible. He lived and openly shared his faith, but never imposed it on anyone.
The Reverend Ron Brown, from the First Congre- gational Church said, “There was a mutual love and inspiration between Ralph Mann and his community.”
The Reverend Victoria Triano spoke of Ralph’s in- tegrity, kindness and “his vision that people are pre-
cious and if we can help anyone, we should.” Ralph volunteered at Southington Care Center. He would quietly visit people and share a memory, a joke, or words of encouragement. He left them smiling and a bit happier. “Ralph was a compassionate mentor and friend to me, too. I knew that I meant something to him,” Triano said.
Judge Francis Kane, was another close friend and hiking buddy of Ralph’s. His widow, Mary Lou, had fond memories.
“Ralph was warm, unpretentious and compas- sionate. Everyone wanted to be his friend,” she said. “Ralph and Francis had a wonderful relation- ship. They spent time camping and hiking together. As friends, they had the same mindset. They would have deep conversations about history, politics, cur-
rent events. They loved nature.
“Meredith welcomed us with open arms as we
started our family. There was always a lot of good food and laughter when we were together. Ralph had a big impact on my life.”
Ralph Mann was everything to everybody. He touched so many people through the years. Accord- ing to Mark Pooler, CEO of the YMCA, a bench to honor Ralph is planned to be placed in the memorial forest at YMCA Camp Sloper sometime in the future.
Southington Magazine — Autumn 2021

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