Page 18 - Southington Magazine Issue 46 Autumn 2021
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Southington Magazine — Autumn 2021
Perfectly Seasoned!
Storm Woes, Customer Service and What’s This Green Stuff?
  Preparations for August’s Storm Henri had eve- ryone hoarding bread, milk, bottled water and gas- oline. Better safe than sorry, right? But how much bread can you eat during a disaster and — by the way — your milk will probably spoil during a lengthy power outage if you have no generator or ice.
I’m the kind of crazy person who needs to clean the house, empty wastebaskets, do the laundry, run the dishwasher and iron every wrinkled item of clothing before an impending disaster. I must per- form every task that requires electricity in case the power goes out. It’s as if I were leaving my family and going to the moon.
We do not have a generator. We have well water, so, no power means no water. At my insistence, we
 filled five-gallon pails with water for
washing and flushing. Who knew how long we’d be without power? Since I have a restaurant-duty gas stove, meals were not a concern. I could still cook. Several pots of water were readied, thus posing the question — how much pasta can we eat during a disaster??
We brought my mom up from the shoreline, since they issued a mandatory evacuation in her town. My alarmist husband would have had her bring along every legal document, file folder, health record, etc.
— “in case her house floods.”
Storm day was rainy and fairly calm in the morn-
ing. Until we heard a loud thud. A semi-rotten tree on the hill had fallen and hit the corner of the house, punching a neat hole in the siding, right through the

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