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b&v Jewelers
Andy Bawa of b&v Jewelers in downtown Southington is the perfect example of the American dream! The story of his lengthy ordeal to come to the United States demonstrates the gutsy fortitude of the human spirit to gain something better for them- selves and their family. From a process that his mother started in 1982, and after many, many setbacks, Andy became a U.S. citizen in 2013. Today, Andy is married with two beautiful children and a successful jewelry business; serving Southington and the sur- rounding communities.
In 2007 Andy landed a job at a Helzberg Diamond shop. It wasn’t long until he realized how much he loved the jewelry busi- ness. Andy set out on a mission. He was determined to get edu- cated on all aspects of this business. He studied and took courses from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), receiving the highest certifications available. The GIA sets and maintains the premier standards for evaluating gemstone quality. It is with this knowledge that Andy helps his guests, as he likes to call them, understand what it is that they own and what it is that they are buying. “A lab report indicating size, color, weight and shape help determine the true value of a piece of jewelry and provide for a proper insurance appraisal,” says Bawa. “It’s important that peo- ple have their jewelry accurately insured.”
Located at 76 North Main Street in Southington, b&v sells jewelry, does repairs, buys gold, and handles estates; but Andy’s specialty is GIA-certified diamonds and custom diamond en- gagement rings. His many happy ‘guests’ can attest to his skill in creating a one-of-a-kind ring for a very special occasion. It is this aspect of the business that brings Andy the most satisfaction. He also enjoys repurposing older jewelry. This is where Andy uses an existing piece of jewelry you may not be using and makes it into something new and spectacular! “Revitalizing gold, silver, plati- num and diamonds into something original is fun and exciting,” says Andy. “It’s something my guests truly appreciate.”
Andy will tell you his wife, Rani, is his biggest supporter. He also receives inspiration from his son ,Travis and daughter, Chloe. He likes to recognize, however, that the town of Southington has been tremendously supportive. The people in town have given b&v more than 150 five-star Google and Facebook reviews. Dur- ing the COVID-19 crisis, b&v was pleased to donate 1,100 face shields to the Southington school system. This is the heart of a small business. Providing the best product with the highest level of service and being genuinely appreciated for it.
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