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• A place where you went as a child or brought your own children?
• A resource for books, music, movies and educational materials, both physical and digital?
• A community space for meetings, learn- ing and entertainment?
Public Library
What do you think of when someone men- tions the Southington Public Library?
The Southington Public Library of the fu- ture would be the heart of the community, meeting the varied needs of everyone, from early childhood to old age. Those needs might include the young learning to read and how to socialize to older patrons seek- ing cultural enrichment, engaging discussion of current issues, and social interaction. They might span the range from learning how to find information for business, school, hob- bies, or employment to reading for pleasure. Some people will need access to technology, and some people will need help with their technology. Teens would have a place to study quietly or collaborate with their peers on projects. Some people would interact vir- tually, and others would show up in person. The library of the future will be a safe, wel- coming, modern entity that enriches the lives of all citizens.
The Southington Public Library does its best to offer 21st century services, but in a facility built in 1974, there are roadblocks ev- erywhere. With 21,000 sq. ft. in the existing facility and a population growth of 30 per-
 FAQ: Why are Libraries still relevant?
The Library is the only indoor gathering place in our community that is completely free of any ex- pectation of purchase, helps bridge the digital divide, and provides equal access to resources for the entire community. Services, books, and more are curated for every age group, interest, and socio-economic level.
Fun Fact: There is a correlation between mod- ern aesthetically pleasing libraries and out-of- town borrowers, who are likely to spend money at Southington businesses.
Southington Magazine — Autumn 2021

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