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rejection of a claim, whole or in part, must state the reasons supporting the rejection. Within 60 days of the expiration of the 150-day notice to creditors period, the fiduciary must file a report with the Probate Court listing the claims presented and to what extent each claim was rejected or allowed.
When a claim is rejected in whole or in part, the claimant may within 30 days of rejection apply to the Probate Court for a hearing for a determination on the claim. A beneficiary may be liable for the fair market value of any assets received from the estate when certain claims, taxes, and expenses are not otherwise paid.
Estate administration involves many fact- specific considerations that cannot be adequately addressed within this limited space. There are many aspects of the probate process that involve timelines and due dates with potentially steep ramifications for those fiduciaries who miss the mark. While some fiduciaries navigate the probate process without professional assistance, others enlist an experienced probate attorney to do the heavy lifting while guiding them through the process. Funds spent to hire a probate attorney fall under the expenses of settling the estate.
This article is intended to be educational and is not intended to be legal advice. Engage an attorney experienced in the probate process for specific
guidance within this area.
Paul Bedard is the owner of The Law Office of Paul Bedard, LLC. Paul’s areas of practice include but are not limited to probate, real estate, and personal injury matters. Paul is a nearly lifelong resident of Southington. He has served as the Assistant Town Attorney for the Town of Southington and has volunteered for local municipal and regional boards including the Southington Zoning Board of Appeals and the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency. Paul most recently served as the President of the Board of Directors of the Southington-Cheshire Community YMCA and currently serves as an advisory board member for Southington STEPS. When not practicing law, Paul enjoys attending and supporting his daughters’ youth sports activities or otherwise traveling and spending time with his family. Paul can be reached at or (860) 414-0110.

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