Page 49 - Southington Magazine Issue 46 Autumn 2021
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 vide the quick paperback romance or thriller to grab for a plane trip or beach day. I’ve noticed parents and toddlers on a walk stop to pick up that evening’s bedtime story. There’s a good chance you will find an abundance of children’s stories at any of these Libraries.
Part of the fun is in the discovering. You never know what books are being offered. So where can you discover these Libraries near you?
Spread about town, I found Alan Fortin’s on the northwest side. The Library is tucked in the Pine Hollow cul de sac. Besides books, this child friendly Library provides sidewalk chalk to write a cheery note!
Like founder Todd Bol, Mary Sargent on Mt. Vernon Road, felt strongly about promoting lit- eracy. As a neighbor to the now defunct Lincoln College, she collaborated with the school to build a Library at their front gate.
Although the school is now closed, the Library has expanded. Like many urban Little Libraries, this one also offers canned goods to help oth- ers. The need for food was magnified during the pandemic. She told me, “Supplies disappear as quickly as the Library gets stocked. “
Her Little Library is also in need of repair, and she welcomes a handy scout troop or carpenter to spruce it up.
As a dual steward, Mary Sargent also wanted a Little Free Library on Town property. She re- ceived a grant from her employer ESPN to pur- chase the Little Free Library Kit. Her friend Cheryl Fasulo was quick to build The Snoopy and Wood- stock Doghouse Library.
Meanwhile, then Town Attorney Mark Sciota, helped Mary locate a site to place it. The Linear Trail at Mill Street with all its foot traffic was cho- sen. To Southington's credit we have the first and only Little Free Library along the Trail that goes from New Haven to Northampton, MA.
Earlier this year Mary’s friend Dr. Toby Kimm died and left many people mourning. To honor him, Mary wanted to dedicate a plaque to him which Della Vecchia Funeral Home generously donated.
The Little Library appropriately borders the Dog Park where many of Toby’s clients play. The Library also offers a hook for leashes to keep pups in place while browsers leaf through books.
In the center of Southington there are two other Little Libraries. One is located at the YMCA where steward Cathy Donnelly’s Library sees lots of traffic.
Donnelly of Donnelly Re- altors told me, “Three years ago I started my Little Library and the YMCA was gracious enough to let us install it at their front entrance. I reached out to the commu- nity through Facebook for books. It was overwhelming how many people respond- ed. Stocking it eventually caught on and now people bring books as well as take them.”
Tucked inside the South- ington Coffee House on North Main St. is the second in-town Little Library. Girl Scout Troop 67984 opened it for patrons in a cozy, indoor area where customers can comfortably sit, sip, and read.
Up the Hart Street hill are two more Little Libraries. I stumbled upon a new Library at the beginning of Russert Road. Sisters Natalie and So- fia’s multi-colored Library is very kid friendly.
Then take a seat on the bench at Ben’s Book Nook on Vicki Lane to read and relax in the outdoors. His Library, which was featured in the LFL newsletter as a Library of Dis- tinction, has two shelves for children and tween books as well as some adult books. Way to go, Ben!
Located on the east side of town Pazsek’s Pages is on Stonegate Road. This Little Li- brary was a birthday gift for the owner’s wife. Every Little Library is unique. Hers comes with hand sanitizer, doggie treats, and an abundance of books.
Heading to Fern Drive in the South End section of Plantsville, Greater CT Real Estate’s owner/ broker Justin Del Giudice opened his Library. You can take a book and a bookmark for free!

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